The HTML5 test – how well does your browser support HTML5?


Help us create an even better HTML5 test

We have big plans for HTML5 test. Our latest additions are a new server backend that automatically collects the test results and creates some extensive reports based on the collected data. But we have some more ideas for the future.

These additions do take a lot of time, so if you think HTML5 test is a great resource, consider donating.


In order to pay for hosting and further development of the HTML5 test we allow a small number of ads on two positions of the main page. We prefer ads that are related to HTML5 or web development. Ads on the HTML5 test are exclusively sold by BuySellAds.


A lot of our data is crowd sourced, but in certain cases we need access to the actual browser running on the actual device. For this purpose we are trying to build a testing lab with not only new devices, but also older devices for testing historic versions.

We already have various phones and tablets running Android (2.1 to 4.0) and iOS (5.0 and 5.1) to our disposal. We are looking for devices running older versions of iOS or Android, and devices running different operating systems, such as BlackBerry, S60, Windows Mobile or Windows Phone. If you have a new or used device you want to donate to our lab, please contact me on Github or Twitter.

At the moment we are actively looking for a device running iOS 3 or 4 and Android 1.6.